Phil Brink, CEP          
Phil grew up working with livestock, and earned a B.S. in Animal Science and a Masters in Environmental Science from Kansas State University.  He has worked as a hydrologist for the Division of Water Resources, and as a Geologist for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), overseeing soil and groundwater contamination remediation projects.  As a Water Quality Analyst, he developed water quality assessment reports for watershed planning activities and conducted field sampling.  For the last 18 years, Phil has enjoyed working with agricultural producers in Colorado, Utah and Kansas, helping them with environmental compliance, nutrient management and water right permitting.

Phil is a Certified Environmental Professional through the Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals as well as a USDA-NRCS Certified Conservation Planner and a Technical Service Provider (TSP). Phil is a named inventor on U.S. patent no. 8,642,262, which covers environmental management system components.  He has authored several articles covering environmental regulations, water rights, nutrient management, soil health, and renewable energy, and produced an environmental compliance video for CAFOs.  Publishing outlets include BEEF, Drovers Journal, Hoard’s Dairyman, Beef Today, Dairy Today, Progressive Dairyman, The Fence Post, and High Plains Journal, as well as county conservation district newsletters. He also serves as the Consulting Coordinator of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Ag Water Network.

Glenn Newlon, P.E.
Glenn is a licensed Professional Engineer and has been helping Colorado agricultural and livestock producers solve their engineering challenges for more than 30 years. Glenn grew up in Greeley and attended the University of Colorado, where he majored in Agricultural and Civil Engineering.  He is a former NRCS Area Engineer, where he served as a trainer and lead engineer for all NRCS-funded projects in Northeast Colorado.

His areas of expertise include irrigation, including sub-surface drip systems, livestock wastewater handling and storage, stream and river embankment repair and protection design, water control structures, public water supply systems, surveying, concrete structure design, and general civil engineering.

Glenn enjoys a good challenge and a good laugh.